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Sunset’s pebble-top oatmeal bread

Pebble top oatmeal bread

I was in the mood to make a couple of wholesome loaves of bread, something I could toast up and slather with butter and jam for breakfast. So after rifling through Sunset’s Breads cookbook, I settled on the simple and …

Raisin wreath holiday bread from Sunset

Belgian cramique

Lord, I’ve seriously been dragging when it comes to getting stuff up on this blog. For one, this Belgian cramique, aka eggy raisin wreath bread, was something I made for the holidays. The recipe: 1 cup milk 1/4 cup butter …

Sunset’s poppy seed bread

poppy seed bubble loaf

I was in the mood to bake bread and not just your basic white loaf, but one with a little arts-and-craftiness to it. Sunset‘s Poppy Seed Bubble Loaf recipe fit the bill. Fun times in the kitchen. Note to self: …