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Zuni corn bread from Sunset

Zuni bread

My 20-plus-year-old, well-worn and much-referenced Sunset Breads cookbook says: “From the Zuni people of the Southwest comes this coarse-textured bread, lightly flavored with corn. The village women bake the bread in domed outdoor earth ovens.” Not sure if this tradition …

I love pain

Au Petrin Moissagais bakery

And I’m not talking about the bad kind of pain, but the really good French stuff—that is, bread along with all of its wonderful carb brethren. The French really know how to do it. In fact, I became painfully (pun …

Rosemary raisin bread a la Sunset

Rosemary raisin bread

I think this springy loaf hailing from Florence (compliments of my Sunset Italian cookbook, now in tatters but still hanging in) may be the very first yeast bread I ever attempted … a good 20 years ago. Flavored with fragrant rosemary and extra virgin olive …